Course: “Angel Children” – “Birthing & Parenting Angels”.

This topic is close to Ananda Ma’s heart and is very important for the advancement of humanity.

She can send angel souls to would-be parents and the women then become pregnant after a while. This has worked many times!

There has been a baby boom in Shakti Yoga for several years! There are also group meditations and tips on what you need to consider when raising little angels.

However, Ananda Ma only sends angelic souls to spiritual parents. They don’t want to come to parents who don’t meditate. That wouldn’t be compatible.

Apart from this regular meditation improves the DNA and helps to get a healthy, intelligent and spiritual child.

1. The parent – or at least the mother – meditates regularly every day with a personal mantra.

2. both parents are procreative or Capable of conception. So physically everything should be fine for conception. If this is not the case, IVF (in vitro fertilization) would be advisable. However, this doesn’t always work. Therefore, this course and sending an angel soul is also helpful.

This is a very important issue because since abortion was allowed and even promoted in many Western countries, over 1 billion babies have (allegedly) been aborted! Humanity desperately needs them, these heavenly children!

According to divine plan, these souls were supposed to facilitate and accelerate the transition into the 5th dimension – and they are now MISSING on earth!

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Ananda Ma would like to counteract this as best as possible and help as many of these souls as possible to be born.

On this course you will get:

1. A precise schedule with the best dates for conception or conception for 2 years. In over 90% of cases it works within a period of 1 – 2 years.
(A consultant in the Czech Republic took 1,900 DM for this alone 20 years ago!)
2. Ananda Ma sends you an angel soul that wants to incarnate and feels drawn to you.
3. Group meditations to align with your higher self and the divine will.
4. Chakra cleansing.
5. Some tips on what you should pay attention to when raising angels so that they are not unnecessarily “stressed” in today’s world and our educational system and grow up in the awareness of abundance, love, peace, faith, beauty and security.
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