Sometimes the Smallest STEP in the Right DIRECTION

Creates the Biggest STEP of Your LIFE…

The “Shakti Meditation – The Path of Power” course is designed to help you become a fully self-sufficient and confident meditator.

We will teach you transformative techniques that will last for a lifetime. Once you learn it, you won’t need an app or go to a class to practice this technique. You will be able to experience the life-changing benefits of meditation in all aspects of your life.

Expert training and lifetime coaching ensure effective meditations.

The Course Structure

Session 1:

Introductory Talk – 60-90 min

Book a FREE introductory talk, live in-person or via ZOOM (no pressure on you to take a course)

• Intro to SM techniques
• Why SM is so effective for mental and physical health
• What are benefits of transcending into the Self
• Why everyone can easily master Shakti meditation
• The powers of Mantra
• Rules for stress accumulation and stress release
• Question and answer session

Session 2:

Principles of Meditation and Initiation – 60-90 min

This personal discussion normally takes place right after the intro talk. Please note payout is required at this step.

• Interview
• Performing of a short ceremony of Mantra initiation and gratitude to the Masters of the Tradition
• You’ll be given your personal mantra
• Learn how to meditate effortlessly with your mantra
• Guided meditation
• Checking meditation
• Dive deeper into the profound Vedic knowledge
• Question and answer session

Session 3:

Mantra Instructions, Theory and Practice 60–90 min

Meditation intro and checking meditation

• Learn about the systematic science of consciousness
• Intro to the ‘Body feeling’ technique
• Three powerful yogic techniques – for dealing with emotions, anger and depression
• Stress release chart
• When, where and how to meditate
• Learn how to integrate the practice into your daily life
• Technique to settle the nervous system and bring deep rest
• Guided meditation
• Question and answer session

Session 4:

Perfecting the Practice 60–90 min

• Checking progress
• Two kinds of meditation; every meditation is successful
• Basic knowledge of Vedic philosophy
• Understanding higher states of Consciousness
• Pranayama technique, theory and practice
• Learn tips and tricks on how to manage different experiences in meditation
• Guided meditation
• Final meditation instructions
• Question and answer session

Session 5:

Checking Up – 60-90 min

In order to support your progress we offer an additional session 30 days after you completed the course.

• Checking progress
• Basic knowledge review
• Refine your techniques
• We will share additional advanced techniques according to your needs and your progress
• Question and answer session

Life Time Support

You receive lifetime email follow up and support
You get lifetime expert input about meditation
You gain lifetime Shakti membership with invitations to guided meditations, advanced courses & retreats, teacher training courses, and opportunities to expand your practice with advanced techniques

Course Investment

Learning to meditate is the most precious gift you can offer yourself. We are committed to making the wisdom and knowledge accessible, regardless of financial status, to all who wish to learn and experience the life-changing benefits.

It is certainly more life-changing than a new car – yet much less expensive! The course fee is an upfront investment that gives you the complete knowledge for a self-sufficient daily meditation practice. It’s about supporting each other in seeking truth through the direct experience of peace and in the collective rise as a whole. Sometimes that means you’ll be giving more than others, which in the Vedic tradition is a big blessing in itself to be able to share your abundance for the benefit of all.

Many People have experienced the benefits and huge positive changes in their life – and they say: “This was the BEST investment I ever made in my life!”

Sliding-Scale Course Payment

Yearly income Course fee Payment plan
> €100k €900 3 x €300 a month
 <€50-100k €700 3 x €234 a month
< €50k €500 3 x €168 a month
Students & Helping hand €300 3 x €100 a month


The Technique for Health & Wealth


“I experienced waves of love, joy and friendliness sweeping over me and spreading to the whole creation – it was love and made out of love.”