“Shakti – the Path of Power” – Corporate Club

If you want to provide your employees and leadership with excellence and a proven method to reduce stress & boost efficiency – you are in the right place! Our teachers come from corporate backgrounds themselves. We all know first-hand why it’s the solution for stress and anxiety in the workplace.
Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Shakti meditation corporate team has become a virtual meditation specialist. We offer virtual classes via Zoom and any online platform of your choice.
New symptoms of the digital age are popping up – including stress and partial attention disorder. Fortunately there is a remedy and it only takes a little bit of education and a few minutes a day. Many scientific studies confirmed improvements in wellbeing and leadership in the workplace, as well as a significant reduce in stress related issues. Since stress is related to illness, meditation helps to keep your employees healthy! Upon the latest research in neuroscience, meditation increases corporative efficiency by 120%!

The benefits of Shakti meditation

Reduce stress and anxiety
Improves productivity
Brings clarity and peace of mind
Improves focus and creativity
Enhances communication with clients and employees
Energizes body and mind

Corporate Programs

Corporate Club – ‘Health & Wealth’

Health & Wealth corporate meditation class takes place in one 90 minute session. We will teach you meditation for beginners, breathing techniques and its benefits for the mind and body. We will provide the basics for building a daily meditation practice. It gives employees the opportunity to have a space to clear their mind.

You will learn simple and efficient techniques for calming the mind from our corporate expert teachers. We help each person with Tips & Tricks that quickly relieve stress and bring back focus of the mind.

Prices start from €250 per person

Corporate Club – ‘Basic Health & Wealth’

Basic Health & Wealth corporate program takes place in two 90 minute sessions. Each attendee will be given their own unique breathing technique and meditation to clear the mind, hand-picked to work for them. We will provide quick and easy to learn, highly effective tools.

It’s interesting to see the impact meditation has on people in the office who don’t meditate regularly. After the ‘Basic Health & Wealth’ program those people realize the positive impact it has and want to continue their practice.

Shakti corporate meditation course has been scientifically proven to increase engagement, productivity at work and overall happiness.

Prices start from €450 per person

Corporate Club – ‘Advanced Health & Wealth’

Advanced Health & Wealth is full course that takes place in five 90 minute sessions, what includes Life-time follow up and support. We will provide you comprehensive corporate Tips & Tricks on how to easily deal with stress & multitasking. The corporate course provides knowledge on how to integrate the practice of meditation into daily life, how to quickly settle mind in daily business life, how to calm anxiety and bring focus back quickly.

With advanced corporate course you will learn mantra meditation, experience guided transcendental meditation and get complete knowledge for a self-sufficient daily meditation. After finishing the meditation class you will know how to meditate for a lifetime. Our online yoga classes are inviting all levels of participants.

For those who continue to practice, meditation will cumulatively increase focus, creativity, productivity, health benefits and overall well-being.

Prices start from €900 per person

• Choose the specific days of the week and times for your sessions.
• Do you have specific topics that you want us to address? We can design a program for you.
• Do you want a program that addresses the most common issues and challenges that employees face? We will make a list of topics for you to choose from.

“Health & Wealth course gives me the feeling of being strong, healthy and focused. I feel it’s a just natural and normal way of existing that I have every right to live that fullness.”


We are happy to respond according to your specific requests and time. Discounts are available when multiple sessions are booked. For corporate online meditation classes please contact us at: imgfund@gmail.com