Meet the Founder & Inspiration

Ananda Ma Vdovic is a mystic and yogini. She was born in Germany, and started to get interested in Self-realization and spirituality in early age. As a child she would sometimes go into states of deep inner realization (Samadhi) for hours.

She learned meditation in 1970 and later lived withdrawn from the world in Silence for 3 years spending her days and nights absorbed in the Bliss (Ananda) of her inner Self.

During these years, higher states of consciousness opened up for her. Then she came out of Silence and shared her realization by teaching thousands of people meditation and self-awareness in India, USA, Europe and many other countries.

Ananda Ma has been teaching meditation for 50 years. She is also an outstanding singer, visionary artist and architect. Her well known CD’s ‘Sacred chants of Devi’, ‘Durga Mantras for Protection’ and ‘Mantras for Happy Life’ are played in many institutions, workshops and yoga centers all around the world.

Ananda Ma’s famous paintings shine with a message of illuminated divine beauty and Love. In 2018 she created the breathtaking World´s largest transparent precious gemstone & gold painting ‘Lakshmi on the Lotus Throne’.

Ananda’s spiritual masters called her a ‘light’, a multi-talent and ‘Yogi Rani’ (queen among Yogis). Since 2012, under the direct inspiration of the Divine Mother and with the blessings of her spiritual Master, she founded and inspired – “Shakti Yoga – the Path of Power”.


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