How does Shakti work?2023-04-18T15:32:09+00:00

How does Shakti meditation work?

Our entire experience of life is colored through the filter of the mind. The mind can be compared to the ocean. On the surface there are ripples of thoughts. In the depths there is a quiet unconscious mind that stores stresses and impressions.

According to science these stresses or memories run the most of our behavior automatically and also lead us to unpleasant emotions like anger, sorrow, fears, depression, etc. But stress is not your true nature; it’s just impurity of the mind.

On the bottom of the ocean is your real nature and the source of all thought: the Self, Absolute, Infinity, Being (Plato), Kingdom of Heaven (Christ), Brahman, Atman, Tao (Chinese), Nirvana (Buddha), unchanging, perfect and a divine part of you, that is full of energy, peace, intelligence, creativity, enthusiasm, bliss and love.

People search for joy outside, but their Self is the source of all joy.

Live your full Potential

In Shakti we use the power of Mantra to take us to the Self, to dive in, get in touch with, experience a state of eternal bliss and happiness and then we naturally remove some stresses.

When your mind is clean, you start manifesting the qualities of the Self, your intelligence, focus and inner talents develop, thinking becomes clearer, addictions disappear, intuition grows, health improves, etc.

Shakti meditation is not a set of beliefs, a philosophy or a religion, nor do you need to change your lifestyle. It’s a scientific way to manifest your fullest physical, mental and spiritual potential.


The Technique for Health & Wealth


“Having a human body, if you don’t reach the inner Self (God), then you have sold a diamond at the price of spinach”


Common questions

What is a mantra technique?2023-02-09T05:25:14+00:00

Mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words, Manas can be translated to mind or heart and Tra is a tool or vehicle. The mantras are made up of primordial sounds, which are the most essential sounds of nature that have the powerful effect of taking our awareness within, to the most essential state of our being.

Because the mantra resonates with your nervous system, it is super-efficient and quickly enables you to release your stress, expand your horizons and access your deepest core. When the mind is in this quiet state, your brain functioning is optimal and your body also rests very deeply.

The authentic Vedic mantra technique is easy and highly effective in calming the mind. That is proven by modern science as well. In Shakti, you don’t need to do anything – the mantra does it for you!

Who are Shakti teachers and why do we pay them?2023-02-09T05:25:39+00:00

All the teachers are trained and qualified as a Shakti Meditation teacher. Our teachers have committed to years of training and practice to get to where they are. They have invested thousands of dollars in their development as a teacher and many of them commit fulltime to their position as a teacher to help people live healthier and happier lives. They aren’t financially supported by a monastery, government or religion. They are fully dedicated to transmit ancient knowledge in its pure form and they also provide you with life time mentoring and support.

Are there any hidden costs?2023-02-09T05:25:58+00:00

No, it’s just one payment that you make at the very beginning, and that covers you for life. After your initial training, you are encouraged to get as much support as you need in order to maintain self-sufficient meditations.

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