What is Shakti Meditation?

Shakti Meditation is a technique that has been passed on in its pure form from master to student for thousands of years.

It was used widely throughout the extraordinarily advanced Vedic civilization to purify the mind, improve health and find inner peace & happiness.

Shakti technique is an evidence based, enjoyable life tool – anyone can easily master and benefit from it.

20 Scientific Reasons To Start Meditating Today

“Meditation is quite simply mental hygiene: Clear out the junk, tune your talents, and get in touch with yourself ….”


Ways Meditation Can Actually Change The Brain

“Some of the most exciting discoveries show that just a few days of meditation improve concentration, attention, preserve the aging, lead to volume changes in key areas of the brain, help with addictions….”


Strongest Study Yet Shows Meditation Can Lower Risk Of Heart Attack And Stroke

“Meditation should become a standard part of heart disease care, the results should give more doctors confidence in discussing the practice with their patients and giving them some scientifically based information…”


What is the Path of Power?

Your inner Self is the source of all power – Shakti. From there comes the name Shakti Meditation– the Path of Power.

In Shakti we use Mantra or vibration as a vehicle to get to the Self, and the licensed teacher picks the right one for you. Because it fits with your personality, you easily open awareness to the infinite source of energy, creativity and intelligence that lies deep within everyone.

It’s the art of letting go; the less effort you put in it, the more effective it is.

“I felt like singing and dancing and then meditation happened by itself. But it was so light – no mind just infinite space, joy and happiness.”


Why People Love Shakti?



  • Carefully personalized in One-on-One
  • Highly trained Certified teachers
  • Life time Support and Mentoring



  • Anyone Can do it
  • Easy to Calm the Mind
  • No monitoring or focusing (emptying the mind)



  • Highly effective Stress relief and reduces anxiety
  • Quickly increases Joy and Happiness
  • Energy Flows to Heal what needs to be healed



  • Thousands of Independent studies
  • Highly Effective Holistic results
  • Benefits begin with the first meditation and are Cumulative over time
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“Meditation is the way to get in contact with your inner Self, which is eternal, non-changing, unbounded. Your Inner Self is full of energy, happiness, bliss, creativity, love, intelligence and peace.

You’re like a beautiful diamond with a little dust or dirt around it, and meditation cleans that dust so you can shine again.”


Featured in

Ananda Maa – Benefits of Meditation

What are evidence-based Benefits?


Feel more happiness


Have seen their concentration improve


Noticed increased energy levels


Decrease in heart related diseases


Reduced insomnia within 3 months


Average raise in IQ


Increase in company productivity


Decrease in stress within 1 month


Decline in their ptsd symptoms


Saw an improvement in general wellness


Have experienced an increase in creativity


Of health symptoms had mostly or completely alleviated

Transformation Starts Here

  • You will receive 5 personalized 60-90 min sessions One-on-One with a certified teacher.
  • You will learn additional techniques to increase energy and release stress and anxiety.
  • You get Lifetime expert support and mentoring.


The Technique for Health & Wealth



What if my mind is too active?2023-02-06T07:20:51+00:00

Then you are the perfect candidate. Shakti is an effortless mantra technique, ideal for people who live in the real world with full schedules, kids, stress and busy minds, as well as for advanced meditators.

You don’t have to stop thinking in order to meditate. If you try not to think, you end up thinking more!

Do I need to sit still?2023-02-06T07:21:21+00:00

You just sit wherever you like in a chair, sofa or on the bed, as well as in a bus, office, train, plane, wherever you’re able to sit comfortably with or without back support. Just relax and allow your mantra to gently settle your mind.

This takes you to profound levels of rest in the body – a few times deeper than that of sleep.

How long do I experience the benefits?2023-02-06T07:21:57+00:00

Most people have glimpses or profound experiences of transcendence in the first few meditations during the course. The benefits will begin from your first meditation and are cumulative over time.

Any person in reasonable physical and mental health can attend our course and experience long term benefits.
Millions of people have benefitted from transcendental meditation for thousands of years.

What if I’m too busy to meditate?2023-02-06T07:22:17+00:00

There’s a big difference between being busy and being productive.

Although it may seem like you don’t have time, by being more peaceful and alert in the way that you interact with the world, it opens up new dimensions of time and clarity of mind, and you will find that you will be way more productive than you have ever have been. 

How can I learn?2023-02-06T07:22:36+00:00

To learn the Shakti meditation, sign up for a course with a certified Shakti teacher. 

The course consists of five sessions. The first session is your one-on-one personal instruction, and the following four are small group or individual sessions (either in-person or virtual).

Shakti Meditation is practiced sitting comfortably with eyes-closed for 20 minutes, ideally twice a day. Our program is designed to help you become a fully self-sufficient and confident meditator. Transformation occurs to anyone who practices meditation over time. It requires consistency in following simple rules and regular practice.

Shakti expert training and free lifetime follow up and support ensures effective meditations.

Can I learn from book or internet?2023-02-06T07:23:06+00:00

In order to preserve ancient oral tradition, Shakti can only be taught in person. Personalized mantras are privately given to each student according to their personality, nervous system and objectives. That’s why you can’t find a Mantra in a book and use it.

Unlike many types of meditation, you won’t find “Shakti Meditation” on YouTube or Internet – and if you do, then it isn’t from a qualified instructor nor will it teach you how to meditate properly.

It is possible to learn meditation online though. Our certified teachers can give the course to you via a platform like Zoom. This way you can have all the meditation lessons online.

How does meditation help the body?2023-02-06T07:23:26+00:00

In our modern, stressful lives our brains are kicking cortisol production into overdrive in its fight or flight attempt to protect us from all the perceived ‘dangers’. A 2013 study noted that meditation lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol works with your body to regulate your mood. When it’s balanced, cortisol gives us drive, energy and digestive fire. Meditation helps to stop anxiety naturally.

At the same time, meditation ‘bathes’ your brain cells in happy neurotransmitters such as serotonin and oxytocin (the love hormone) making you feel joyous and happy. Serotonin is also known as the ‘happy-hormone’ because it has a nice effect on mood and overall on our wellbeing. Synthetic forms of this brain chemical are also used in many antidepressants.

Dr Vincent Giampapa, M.D found that meditation practitioners on average have approximately 44% more DHEA hormone. DHEA is a precursor hormone, meaning that it’s essential for the balanced production of other hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. It also plays a role in ageing and has been referred to as the ‘fountain of youth’ by scientists.

During meditation the breath slows down, it also improves heart rate variability and lowers the heart rate and blood pressure. Meditation is very good for your cardiovascular health.

Do I have to give up my lifestyle or alcohol or become a vegetarian?2023-02-06T07:23:45+00:00

You don’t have to change your life at all in order to learn meditation. If you want to stop smoking, or reduce drinking, or change some habits, meditation will help.

There is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to effortlessly calm your mind down to experience a state of deep inner rest.

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